We provide ship design and engineering services for the biggest cruise, offshore, merchant and retrofit projects

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Engineering services to your marine projects

What we provide



Our company offers complex hull engineering services with different complexity of works: from hotel area to the most complicated fore and aft ship sections on biggest cruise ships, or entire merchant / offshore vessel. Our experience in world biggest projects gives us good knowledge of modern standards of the largest European shipyards.

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Piping, HVAC and Machinery

Team of Systems Department ready to undertake all tasks for the: piping, HVAC and cable trays. Our engineers ready to deliver any challenging areas, like: engine room, pump room, AC room, the largest galleys and restaurants on biggest cruise ships or entire vessel. Systems department lead engineers ready to work as well on basic design […]

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Steel Outfitting

Team of our outfitting engineers ready to design different steel outfitting items equipment foundations to the ladders, hatches, manholes covers, railings, platforms, bollards, masts and another more complex and unique steel structures. Zaliv Ship Design ready to cover all outfitting items on your projects and use our continues experience to meet your expectations.  

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Retrofit projects (EGCS, BWTS, etc)

Since 2015 Zaliv Ship Design provides engineering services for retrofits projects.  On completed projects we executed full package of detail design works from 3D model in point clouds, which contain hull modifications, outfitting, new equipment and piping to detail design documentation set, which contain all necessary information and could be directly used by the shipyard […]

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Who we are


Zaliv Ship Design (ZSD) – is an independent ship design and engineering Ukrainian entity. We are specializing in following naval market’s segments:

- Cruise & Ferries Vessels
- Merchant Vessels
- Offshore & Special Vessels

Comprehensive production flexibility is a key element of our client relationship policy, a tailor made solutions supported with a combination of the in-house or out-house engineering services.
We are equally proud to cooperate with the biggest European shipbuilding groups from one side and small design and engineering bureaus from the other side. All our partners are important and valuable for us.

Years on the Market
Successful Projects
Design and Engineering Office

Our mission

ZSD is a progressive engineering hub, focused on the European leadership in the industry, providing customers with the opportunity to realize their the  most complex and ambitious projects, in the  same time caring for the professional growth of our employees

Project Meeting Room

Our Vision

Always to be preferred, reliable and efficient supplier of high quality services

Company news


Our Special Features


Highly motivated engineering team, consisting with design experts and young ambitioned engineers
Our work is highly rated by our clients, many of those have become not only as clients but the long term partners
We are continuously increasing expertise in different professional fields to make our work more and more efficient
Hunting talents is one of our important activities. We are always open to collaborate with skilled design experts and budding graduates
Flexibility in respect of Client needs: schedule, quality requirements, software - this is one of our advantages
We are proud to operate internationally what keeps us inline with new engineering trends

Zaliv Ship Design (ZSD) – is an independent ship design and engineering company, located in Mykolaiv (Ukraine). For the many years we are completed numerous projects, which divided to the following segments:

  • Cruise ships & Ferries
  • Merchant Vessels
  • Offshore & Special Vessels

And, indeed, we are open to participate in any new challenging projects, which dynamic shipbuilding market gives to us.

We are equally proud to cooperate with the biggest European shipyards and best ship design companies. All our partners are important and valuable for us. To satisfy our clients, we follow our policy of flexibility, which is a key element of our client relationship strategy.

Get the best marine engineering services with Zaliv Ship Design. Since we are offering quality ship design and engineering on new building, retrofit and conversion projects, regardless of the ship type. For a detailed overview, please visit page “Services” on our website.


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