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We are pleased to mention that from 2015 Zaliv Ship Design provides retrofit engineering services, for specific systems integration on existing vessel, such as scrubber / EGCS system (Exhaust Gas Cleaning System).

On completed projects we executed the full package of detail design works from 3D model in point clouds, which contain hull modifications, outfitting, new equipment and piping to detail design documentation set, which contain all necessary information and could be directly used by the shipyard or by installation company. Typically, we offer our design in Cadmatic, since 3D model could be easily reviewed by the Client and shipyard via eBrowser during whole project. Anyway we are flexible in software solutions, and we ready to work in alternative software (AVEVA as example), according to Client practice & standards.

Some history flashback:

As you probably aware IMO (International Maritime Organization) defined ECAs (Emission Control Areas), on the Baltic Sea, North Sea, East and West coasts of the United States and the Caribbean Sea. In these areas regulators are continuously monitoring SOx and NOx exhaust gas emissions.

Therefore, shipowners are forced with task to make scrubber retrofit with help of skilled EGCS engineering companies into existing ship environment. During this time we became familiar with different type of system suppliers solutions, such as Wartsila and Yara Marine Technologies. As well as different scrubber systems working principle: open loop, closed loop, hybrid.

Realizing the importance of integration of Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS) into ships Zaliv Ship Design obtained Alfa-Laval certificate as qualified BWTS engineering company in 2016. Good to notice, that previous retrofit experience give us advantage to finish BWTS projects quickly and successfully. For the moment we complete above 20 BWTS projects and became familiar with different vendor requirements, such as Alfa Laval and Ocean Guard.

Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems, Ballast Water Treatment Systems and any other on request