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Partnership and prospects between Zaliv Ship Design LLC, the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding and CADMATIC

Zaliv Ship Design LLC (ZSD), together with the Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (NUS) are following a new approach to the training of engineers, took another step towards improving the educational process of young specialists.

The corresponding agreement has been signed between NUS, ZSD and CADMATIC to provide the University with 6 Hull Structure Detail Design and 6 licenses of Outfitting Detail Design suite (Plant Modeller for Detail Design).

On September 10th 2019 the licenses were obtained and installed directly on the servers of the Shipbuilding and Mechanical Engineering Institutes of the NUS.  Our company takes an active involvnment in the settings of licenses, in providing the equipment and in preparing training programs.

A new approach is to deeply immerse students, starting from the 3rd year, in the subject of the chosen specialization. We were able to find a mutually acceptable mode of work for future engineers in our company without violating their educational processes at the university.

Thanks to this approach, students receive academic knowledge at the university and work on real projects at ZSD. Modern software makes it possible to present the hull of a ship, ship systems and mechanisms, ship devices and complementary saturation in three-dimensional measurement, based on the latest international standards and technologies. Moreover, being previously prepared and working on real projects, students feel responsible and successfully master 3D modeling of structures, release of working documentation and delve into the subject of engineering in the most detailed way. It should also be noted: the work of students is adequately paid and this is also an incentive.

This combination of theory and practice gives a complete idea of the subject of specialization and, in our opinion, makes education at the university more meaningful.

We also hope that both teachers and students will actively use modern software in the educational process, so at the early stage of training the tendencies of some students to project work will be determined and this will be a personnel reserve for our and other related companies.

We wish us all success on the way of reviving the engineering glory of the shipbuilders of Nikolaev!